The Pink Box is your one stop shop to effective Gay and Lesbian Marketing and Communication.Event-Marketing

The Pink Box also has strong experience in developing, promoting and executing Event Marketing for the Gay Community. For clients longing to market their product “live” with Gay and Lesbian consumers, The pink Box offers highly targeted event marketing solutions which generate strong awareness and a long lasting brand affinity as an alternative to classical marketing vehicles. The Pink Box provides consultation about individual event formats which best fit with clients’ products, services and business needs.

 The Pink Box has been instrumental in developing and running the following events;
1. The Cape Town Pride s Festival – 2007 to 2009
2. The Cape Town Pride Street Festival – 2011 to 2013
3. Mask New Year’s Eve – 2007 & 2008
4. The Cobern Street Fair – 2012
5. The Spring Equinox Fair – 2012
6. Carnevale New year’s Eve Party – 2012
7. The SA Pink Lifestyle Expo (Cape Town) – Jul 2012

Upcoming Events;
8. The Cobern Street Spring Fair – Oct 2013
9. The White Party New Year’s Eve – Dec 2013
10. The SA Pink Lifestyle Expo Johannesburg – Feb 2014