Most companies cannot afford to continue to fund large, mass marketing budgets allocated across
broad target groups, which result in unacceptableimagesCATJR4OJ levels of waste and slippage.

In the context of globalization, the consumer desire for personalized marketing is becoming increasingly important.

Today’s market is rampant with over-capacity and saturation; and is largely driven by price.

To successfully compete in this market dynamic, companies must identify and build Brand loyalty with NEW consumer groups, while maintaining the affinity of their loyal consumer base.

In fact, almost 200 Fortune 500® Companies and Brands are already conducting targeted, specialized and
niche marketing to the Gay and Lesbian imagesOITNYRH0Community.

It is clear that marketing to the Gay and Lesbian Community is an enormous opportunity, especially when evaluating which consumer groups are ineffectively being reached through the current marketing paradigm.

Ten good reasons for Gay and Lesbian Community Marketing:
1. The Gay and Lesbian Community makes up between 10-15% of a country’s population.
2. The Gay Community is an affluent target market, with higher income levels (DINKS: Dual income, no kids) – and more importantly, higher disposable income levels versus mainstream consumers.
3. Gays also have more “disposable time” vs. mainstream consumers (DINKS).
4. The Gay Community delivers a much higher return on marketing investment and believes in the “Put your money where your mouth is” Concept. This is in relation to the mainstream consumers who feel annoyed with the multitude of marketing activities bombarding them each day.
5. Gays and Lesbians are known to be tremendously brand loyal – particularly when they are directly spoken to in a clearly branded, engaging and relevant manner though their own Media channels.
6. Gays are trend setters (“Early Adopters”) across many different product categories (e.g. travel, fashion, music, personal care, electronics, home decor, etc.).
7. The Gay and Lesbian Community is a confident, communicative and influential target group (“Out and Proud”).
8. The Gay and Lesbian Community can be reached with highly targeted and cost efficient marketing activities – at a fraction of the cost of traditional mainstream marketing efforts.
9. A number of Fortune 500 companies have been actively, consistently and successfully marketing to the Gay and Lesbian Community for many years. This marketing spend has increased 3-fold over the past few years in the USA.
10. With The Pink Box, companies finally have the partner with the experience, knowledge and competence they require to successfully market to the Gay and Lesbian Community at large.