The Pink Box has a full range of agency services on offer, providing our clients an effective ”one stop shopping“ facility to assist them in accessing the lucrative Pink Market as they embark upon a specialized LGBTI (Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans-gender & intersexed) marketing campaign.

The Pink Box’s clients could make use of all (or selected) services which include the following;
• Market Research
• Strategic Planning
• Marketing and Media Plan development and execution
• Creative Development
• Event Development and Promotion.

The Pink Box works independently, or in tandem with our clients’ network agencies.

The Pink Box has a wealth of experience indeveloping effective and consumer relevant Brand Building Marketing and Communication, which complement your mainstream Marketing and Communication efforts and Corporate Identity.

Importantly, The Pink Box does not have the enormous overhead costs often found in large network agencies and as such can deliver the marketing solution our clients require, in a cost-efficient manner.